Pellet shrinking device

The utility model discloses a small-package film shrinking hot paste device, which belongs to a hard-cassette cigarette film shrinking device and is composed of a cigarette packing machine, a cigarette packet separating mechanism, an aero-optic photoelectric detecting mechanism and a hot-sticking -----

Nano Packaging and Technology Applications (in)

Nano plastic The so-called "nanoplastic" refers to an organic/inorganic nanocomposite material in which an inorganic filler is dispersed in a nanometer size in an organic polymer body. The raw material used for nano-plastics is "montmorillonite", a type of natural clay mineral-----

Formulation of Carton Adhesives and Others (I)

Whether in China or in foreign countries, the binder formulas of different carton factories are different, and the formulations are usually adjusted according to the specific requirements of the equipment and the principles of starch adhesives. Therefore, in some low-tech factories, special traini-----


A origami machine consists of a box body, a feed roller shaft, a platen roller shaft, and a U-shaped guide plate. The upper part of the box is equipped with a paper feed roller shaft, one end of the roller shaft is provided with a rocker, and there is a paper feed tray under the paper feed roller -----