Tranlin Launches Slimline Sterile Bricks

Recently, Shandong Quanlin Packing Co., Ltd. introduced 250 ml and 200 ml slimline sterile bricks. So far, Tranlin Packaging has been able to provide 200 ml slender, 250 ml, 250 ml slender, 330 ml slender for dairy companies. And 1000ml and other specifications of the spring sterile brick and 200m-----

A summary of corrugated board production problems

Development trend of domestic small offset presses I. Market demand for domestic small offset presses in recent years In the past five years, the market demand for small offset presses in China has increased every year, with an annual growth rate of about 15%. In particular, in 2002, due to poli-----

How to create a perfect packaging design effect

For SMEs, there is no big budget for advertising or public relations, but the motivation and demand for branding is the same. Under such circumstances, it is no doubt wise to start branding one by one. The packaging design is undoubtedly a crucial link in brand building, and it is also a key link -----

Causes of Gravure Cut Line Failure on Paper

In the gravure printing process, the print knife line is a relatively common fault. Many of them appeared in the blank part of the printed matter because the squeegee failed to scrape off the ink on the blank space of the layout, and was easy to check and find. Some knife lines appeared in the gra-----