Talking about Brand's Cultural Packaging

The brand, according to the interpretation of Modern Chinese Dictionary, is: “refers to the name, term, symbol, pattern, etc. of the goods or services used to identify one or a group of sellers.” Therefore, the core of the implementation of the brand strategy is to make its own brand. -----

Pre-press technology case solution (1)

About Prepress What are the pros and cons, the left and right wheels, and the wheel of heaven and earth? Positive and negative edition: A single card has AB sides, A and B are each a separate edition for positive and negative editions; Left and right rounds: A left B right side row of a versio-----

Description of Acrylic Resin

Description of Acrylic Resin 1 Introduction Since the introduction of acrylic polymers, after decades of efforts, people have made great progress in the coatings and related industries. This is because acrylic polymers have improved flexibility and adhesion compared to polyvinyl acetate emulsion-----

Leather hip flask special packaging (2)

We can make disposable toiletries for hotel rooms,care package, Sewing Kit ,Shoe cloth,etc Hotel Supplies,Plastic Cups, Sewing Kits ,Hotel Shoe Shine Cloth China leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hotel Supplies,Plastic Cups, and we are specialize in Sewing Kits,Hotel Shoe S-----

Comments on the color printing sequence that affects th…

Color copy printing uses yellow, magenta, cyan, and black four-color dots at different angles for plate printing. The four-color dot pattern that is transferred to the white paper is: in the bright part of the picture. Each color dot is always a combination of side-by-side combinations; each color-----

Digitization and Its Influence on Printing Production M…

2 Integration of Printing and Copying Workflows As mentioned above, the result of digitization is that the digital chain is continuously expanding, and the entire printing and copying process is condensed into a black box (see Figure 2). This black box is a highly intelligent digital processing s-----