Packaging: The Role of Modern Military Logistics (I)

Abstract: This paper analyzes the demand of modern high-tech local warfare on modern military logistics, and elaborates the effective role of packaging in the storage security, transportation guarantee, handling guarantee, and distribution guarantee of modern mili

Variable Printing in the 21st Century (I)

The development of technology has enabled the printing and communications industry to reach a new field - point-to-point, variable printing or personalized printing, which is a more effective way of communication.
Introduction The propagator must have the abi

A Survey of the Status of the World Ink Market (I)

I. Europe 1. Market share of major companies in the European ink industry In Europe, a total of 1 million tons of ink was sold in 1999, an increase of 3% over the previous year. Sun Chemical still holds the top spot; BASF's printing ink (coatings) branch has a

Global Packaging Industry

The functions of the packaging are different, so the packaging materials chosen are not the same. Transport packaging must have sufficient strength; packaging of high-value products requires a noticeable appearance in order to attract customers and stimulate sales

Good hip flexibility brings good tips

Translated: Climbing Tech Tips 219 Author: Carleen Inderieden compile: Zhang Qing

Maybe after being stimulated on certain routes, it will prompt you to add pressure ligament exercises to your daily training procedures, so that you swear to have great flexibility in all parts of t

Packaging materials are recycled directly for packaging

Re-packaging direct recycling refers to the plastic packaging that is recycled, without any physical and chemical degeneration and deformation processing, but using its original structure, shape, and function directly for the original packaging product or other re

Beautiful mountain

More beautiful mountain road returns more beautiful mountain elevation 2305M, second grade triangle point 1676, GPS (261635, 2584670), located in Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County.
This trip refers to the trip to the first team of this mountain: Mr. Li Kede, Mr.
The team is the third m

New eco-environment material PSP production

"PSP" - a new generation of eco-environmental materials has been successfully developed by Wuhan Huali Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and put into mass production. This eco-environmental new material has been granted a national invention p