Scientific research results are difficult to translate into patents

The reporter learned from the Intellectual Property Office of Qinghai Province that many scientific research achievements in Qinghai Province are difficult to be converted into patents, which in turn lead to productivity. The number of patents owned by the provinc

Japan begins to introduce new aseptic filling and packaging line

Japan's Baoxi Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. recently introduced a Servac-TFA4830 aseptic filling and packaging production line equipped with a new modular unit. The production line can improve package performance by changing the operating procedures. In addit

Structure design scheme of carton decoration

The carton occupies an important position in the paper packaging container. The use of carton-packed goods necessarily involves the carton's box map and decorating design. So, how to use the existing drawing software for carton box map design and decorating

Mat's magical effect read the full text >>

The floor mats are made of waterproof fabrics and are made of polyurethane glue for a waterproof treatment. The size is mostly 200*150 or 200*200. Because of its small size, wide use, excellent durability and excellent water resistance, it has become an indispensable important equipment fo

From "Octopus Bottle" to "Fang Wine Bottle"

The "Fang Liquor" packaging launched by Jinpai was once counterfeited by 188 companies. Fortunately, the company applied for a patent for such a "party bottle." With the intervention of the State Intellectual Property Office, as of yesterday, d