Review of lithographic printability (7)

VII. Suitability of materials

(1) Selection of printing plates: There are many kinds of printing plates, which can be: 1. Plates are divided into aluminum, zinc, stone, resin, nylon, cardboard and glass. 2. The structure is divided into

Empty bottle inspection machine adopts hygienic design

Krones has taken a big step in the development of empty bottle inspection technology. The Linatronic 735 compact linear model not only satisfies the needs of the market with its modular structure and low cost, but also improves the old electronic systems and me

On Overpacking and Countermeasures of China's Products(1)

Abstract: There is a close and complex connection between resources, environment and sustainable development. In response to China's packaging waste has caused serious environmental pollution. The article emphasizes that product packaging will take the road of

Effect of mustard (oil) acid amide in ink

Effect of mustard (oil) acid amide in ink

Adding mustard (oil) acid amide to plastic inks (paints, coatings) can improve printing performance and lubricating performance of inks, and can improve dispersion performance, enhance adhesion, water resistance,

Cap tightening device

A bottle cap screwing device is characterized in that it comprises a rotating shaft, a swivel head seat, a sliding sleeve and a friction pad, the swivel head seat is sleeved on the rotating shaft, the lower end is equipped with a friction block, the sliding sleeve

Candy packaging process and packaging machine

Patent Name: Confectionery Packaging Technology and Packaging Machine Patent Applicant Wang Gongyi Principal Applicant Address 610000 3rd Unit, 1st Floor, Building 1, 13 Lantern Lane, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, PRC Inventor Wang Gongyi Application (Patent) No. 200