Several common printing products of paper ink selection

More than a single print. The requirements for the use of paper should be not easy to stretch, and the ink used should not fade easily. Because it is often hung in the hall and exposed to the sun, it is best to protect it with a layer of PP or OPP film after th

Extensible sauce bottle packaging

Sharwood`s brand of chutney has recently been packaged in a push-pull condiment bottle designed by RPC Containers Blackburn, making it the first brand in the chutney market to use push-pull condiment bottles. The manufacturer hopes that the new packaging of the

Aluminum foil printing process

The common names of gold foil and silver plate paper are advanced high-grade packaging materials developed in recent years. This kind of paper has bright color, strong metallic sensibility, and elegant and bright prints. It has played a role of icing on the beauti

"Rarge" scanning skills

3, smart scan file format

Many people often choose to use a file format to save the scanned image when they scan the image. As everyone knows, choosing the right storage format can sometimes be more direct than the effect obtaine

Technical defects and remedies of ink in printing (2)

Fault phenomenon:

For packaging printed products (paper or plastic flexible packaging

1 Ink or varnish, with particular attention to the surface condition of the printing carrier (substrate). The surface roughness, bubbles, inte

Easy open bottle cap

Patent Name Easy Open Cap Patent Applicant Shanghai Haomeijia Foods Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 200063, Room 2418, 2668 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China Inventor Pan Dianhong Application (Patent) No. 200420082198.4 Date of Application 2004.08.25 Cer