Talking about Brand's Cultural Packaging

The brand, according to the interpretation of Modern Chinese Dictionary, is: “refers to the name, term, symbol, pattern, etc. of the goods or services used to identify one or a group of sellers.” Therefore, the core of the implementation of the bran

Pre-press technology case solution (1)

About Prepress

What are the pros and cons, the left and right wheels, and the wheel of heaven and earth?
Positive and negative edition: A single card has AB sides, A and B are each a separate edition for positive and negative edi

Description of Acrylic Resin

Description of Acrylic Resin

1 Introduction

Since the introduction of acrylic polymers, after decades of efforts, people have made great progress in the coatings and related industries. This is because acrylic polymers have im

The lack of traditional label printing technology

With the development of the times, companies are increasingly demanding the packaging and labeling of their products. Labels of high quality, high information content, novelty, anti-counterfeit, and environmental protection are being recognized and needed by Ch

Setting print parameters (11)

Eleven, network automatic reminder print setting method

In order to give full play to the functions of the local area network, many users will try to use network printers to allow other users in the LAN to share the printing function. H

Stencil ink terms

Suitable for all kinds of stencil printing ink.

1, mesh version of the ink screen printing ink (silk screen printing ink) for a variety of mesh printing of various substrates printing ink.

2、Write ink stencil ink Suitable for printing in

Corrosion Resistant Weldable Ink Formula

Description This product is used to produce printed circuit boards or nameplates for screen printing, low cost, good printability, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, and can be removed with dilute alkali.


Component Amount/g Comp

Multi-Color collaborates with G-3 to develop cocktail labels

Multi-Color and glassware decorator G-3 Enterprises are working together to brand Jeon's Cocktail's new line of premium Vodka cocktails, Cocktails by Jenne.

This new type of thermal transfer label developed by the company G-3 and manufactured b