Fabrication of extruded and stretched PET flakes

PET flakes can be made by transferring a PET melt on a roll and longitudinally drawing the resulting sheet. In order to obtain the required PET, a grafting agent with a mass fraction of (50-300) x 10-6 (calculated based on the total mass of the PET contained in

Talk about the factors that affect the gloss of water-based inks

Gloss has a great influence on the appearance quality of printed products. At present, water-based inks generally suffer from poor gloss, which seriously hinders the application of water-based inks in certain fields.

The effect of water on gloss …

Aged product packaging considerations

The world has entered an aging society. In 2002, the global population aged over 60 has exceeded 600 million, and is increasing at a much faster rate than the total population. By 2020 and 2050, it will increase by 1 billion and nearly 2 billion respectively. C

Inkjet printing classification and features

In recent years, inkjet printing is advancing toward almost all printing fields and its printing quality is getting better and better. As can be seen from DRUPA 2004, inkjet printing is among the technical highlights and will be the subject of DRUPA 2008.

Commodity Packaging Review - Techniques (1)

Section 3 Treatment of Commodity Packaging Techniques, Regulations and Packaging Wastes

First, commodity packaging techniques

Commodity packaging techniques refer to the techniques and methods used in packaging operations. Only

RISO 8000

This digital printing device is characterized by the company's Zykros technology. The "V"-shaped roller arrangement inside the device can be printed in one color at a time. It is said that it can print more vivid, higher-quality solid colors. Spee

Bottle body with outer bottle cavity and inner bottle cavity

Patent name: Bottle holder with outer bottle cavity and inner bottle cavity Patent applicant Huang Qiang Principal Applicant's address 310012 142-410, Xisiyuan, Daguan Community, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Inventor Huang Qiang; Pan Lijun App

A packing box with a connection chain

Patent name A box with a connection chain Patent applicant Wang Liang Principal applicant Address 200070 No. 143, Qufu West Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai Inventor Wang Liang Application (Patent) No. 200420110344.X Date of Application 2004.11.25 Award Date Approv

Kodak NovaJet 1000i wide-format inkjet printer

Kodak NovaJet 1000i has 11 patented technologies. The double quick-drying system accelerates the time required for printing to lamination. The advanced cross-arrangement of the ink heads improves the reliability, ease of use, and excellent image quality. Its pa