Introduction CMYK's Gray Balance and RGB Gray Balance Correspondence

RGB space uses sRGB CMYK uses US Web Coated (SWOP) V2 CMYK with US Web Coated (SWOP) V2 CMYK space under the following printing conditions, using specifications designed to produce good separations with US inks: 300% overall ink coverage Area, negative edition,

Packaging function and packaging structure design principles

First, the packaging function

a Protection function: that is to protect the value of the use of goods, which is the primary function of packaging.
b Convenient functions: mainly embodied in convenient storage and transportation, co

Tian Ling environmental water-based ink FEC-3000, FEC-6000 series

To meet the needs of the market, Tianling Fine Chemicals developed and launched a 21st century environment-friendly screen printing water-based ink. FEC-3000 and FEC-6000 in this product series have become the preferred products for many printing companies beca

Tranlin Launches Slimline Sterile Bricks

Recently, Shandong Quanlin Packing Co., Ltd. introduced 250 ml and 200 ml slimline sterile bricks. So far, Tranlin Packaging has been able to provide 200 ml slender, 250 ml, 250 ml slender, 330 ml slender for dairy companies. And 1000ml and other specifications

Multipurpose inkjet technology brings versatile digital printing

The Agfa acquisition of Dotrix is ​​an inkjet printer manufacturer. The company is very much in agreement with the advantages of inkjet technology and believes that inkjet printing represents the direction of digital printing. However, the potenti

A summary of corrugated board production problems

Development trend of domestic small offset presses

I. Market demand for domestic small offset presses in recent years

In the past five years, the market demand for small offset presses in China has increased every year, with an

How to create a perfect packaging design effect

For SMEs, there is no big budget for advertising or public relations, but the motivation and demand for branding is the same. Under such circumstances, it is no doubt wise to start branding one by one. The packaging design is undoubtedly a crucial link in brand

Causes of Gravure Cut Line Failure on Paper

In the gravure printing process, the print knife line is a relatively common fault. Many of them appeared in the blank part of the printed matter because the squeegee failed to scrape off the ink on the blank space of the layout, and was easy to check and find.

Modern packaging lifeline

Packaging is an art, and it is a perfect embodiment of the value of commodities. Especially in today's rapid development of knowledge economy and information science, ethnic culture, regional culture, and Chinese and Western cultures meet and collide. Moder

Beverage bottle cap with silicone valve


The beverage bottle cap with the silicone valve is a non-contained drinking nozzle on the cap body, the cap is buckled on the drinking nozzle, a valve seat is arranged in the bottle mouth, a silicone valve is embedded on the valve seat, and th

Plate imaging technology

As far as the variety of manufacturing technologies of platemaking machines is concerned, the debate about which method is the best is more and more. The controversy over whether the equipment is constructed inside or outside the drum has continued for several