Three strokes of laymen can identify true and false paint

The layman identifies the true and false paints. It uses the following three methods and does not require much professional knowledge. It is very easy to learn.

First move, look at the color

The real paint is naturally divided into three layers, the sur

It is best to wax the floor immediately after installation.

Painted floor, because the surface brightness of its products is similar to the surface of the piano, commonly known as "piano paint" floor, due to the uneven quality of the products, some products have problems such as poor surface wear resistance, which is

The first wine combination package (Figure)

The bottle material of the wine is acrylic, and a disposable glass of the same acrylic material is inserted on it. Just a few rotations, the wine can be opened and drank, very convenient. All materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. This is undoub

Pay attention to the four aspects of high quality panel furniture

Panel furniture now occupies a large market share, and many people love it because its plates are not easily deformed and the colors are diverse. The so-called panel furniture refers to furniture made of artificial panels and hardware. This kind of furniture is easy to

Some knowledge of modern furniture

China is one of the oldest and most culturally enduring countries in the world. In its long history, it has created a splendid national culture. Among them, furniture culture, as an important part of this art treasure house, has gradually formed a unique form with vari