The beauty secret of the popular Japanese actress

Exquisite makeup, perfect skin, Japanese actress seems to always appear in front of the camera in this state. Even with the endless long day's notice, it did not affect the maintenance of beautiful skin! Today, let us take a look at seven popular

Choose a stylish nail polish has a coup

Black is the most common dark nail polish, but the nail polish is very knowledgeable. Next, we will teach you how to choose the hottest dark nail polish of this season to satisfy your desire for darkness, making you look cool and fashionable rather than vul

Skin care products packaged with mystery glass material safest

Which packaging material is the safest?

From a marketing point of view, the cosmetics industry knew the consumer's various mentalities as early as possible, knew how to move to meet various consumer preferences, so don't be too fo

New sanitary ware market, environmentally-friendly water-saving faucet

The faucets on the market have shown a fascinating situation. From the perspective of the new sanitary ware market, these water-saving and environmentally-friendly terminal guards have three characteristics: novel, diverse and excellent. The following small series takes everyone to analyze

Beware of cosmetic allergy and beauty

The use of skin care products, cosmetics allergy caused by cosmetics event, the medical profession, the beauty industry and the cosmetics industry often referred to as "cosmetic makeup disease." Cosmetic allergy problems have received much attenti

3D vintage makeup transforms you into an elegant "goddess"

The deep facial features can create a sense of nobility and three-dimensionality. Therefore, it is very necessary to create a three-dimensional beauty. The meticulous eyebrows have once again become the key to the retro trend, now let's

I used sunscreen, why is the skin worse?

“Occasionally, after using sunscreen once, my skin began to be allergic, and now it is red and itchy...” Ms. Zheng told reporters. The dermatologist said that Ms. Zheng’s situation may have been caused by unqualified suns

What kind of wooden door is not easy to deform?

Wood is a natural growth material. Due to the difference in the internal structure of the annual rings, it is impossible to make absolutely no deformation. There are usually two ways to reduce the deformation of the wood: one is to use the advanced drying degreasing equipment to dry and deg

Master the tenderness of the tender and have the baby's skin

Years are not forgiving. Many glamorous stars have been devastated by the years, and their faces are dying. If they don’t care and make up, they really don’t dare to go out. Fortunately, nowadays, " dressing tenderness &q

DHC water-based makeup remover remover is very powerful

Make-up remover is the most basic and critical process of skin care, but it is often limited by the influence of time and place. DHC has developed a new water-based makeup remover that is easy to carry out and has its own packaging.