Bridal makeup makes the wedding beautiful extra points

Every bride wants to shine in the wedding and become the focus of everyone. But often during the wedding, the bride's makeup is spent, so that the bride's beauty is greatly reduced. So how do you reverse the situation by applying makeup on the weddi

Six whitening foods that cannot be prevented

Why have you spent countless efforts on whitening skin care, but the skin still has no whiteness, still faint skin color? Perhaps, you should look for reasons from your diet. There are some foods, but for whitening, it is absolutely an enemy.

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A Brief Talk on Some Methods of Compressing the Original Contrast

When compressing the contrast of the original gradation, generally, the following method is often used to compress certain parts.

1 Under normal circumstances, normal manuscripts should be properly contrasted and should be compressed to a low level, espec

Diet conditioning body bid farewell to dark yellow skin

Some young women look very dark and yellow regardless of how much skin care products are rubbed. In fact, if the body itself is unhealthy, even if the skin care products are not useful, the most important thing is to adjust the diet from the inside of the body. A very healthy body, dark yel

Heavy taste Christmas ball PARTY makeup

Christmas is coming, we have to prepare for the Christmas party, let's take a look at what makeup is popular this year.

At Party, everyone's tastes are getting heavier and hey, you can't win any film with the app

Mary Yujia's first domestic graft mascara

When Mary Magdalene brought the world's first grafted mascara into the Chinese market, she sold a sales miracle every 15 seconds, which laid the leading position of Mary Yujia in the domestic makeup industry, which indicates that the exhibition will be

Food Detox helps you to clear your heart and nourish the liver

In the blink of an eye, winter has arrived. At this time, it is easy for the body to store toxins, and it is necessary to pay attention to the body's detoxification. Why not use the colorful food to drain the garbage and toxins inside the body! The intestines, liver, and kidneys have di

Draw eyeliner 3 big weapon perfect makeup from eye makeup

Many MM often encounter many problems when drawing eyeliner, such as not painting, eyeliner is not easy to master, eyeliner is easy to smudge, eyeliner is not easy to color and smudge. There are a few key tips on how to master these