More and more pesticide tanks will replace pesticide bottles

With the acceleration of urbanization and the influx of migrant workers into the cities, there are fewer and fewer laborers engaged in traditional agricultural production, and agricultural production has gradually begun to become large-scale, intensified, and

Solving the conflict between proofing and printing

In the book design and printing work, conflicts often arise due to differences in proofing and printing. How to solve this problem, let's talk about:

First, the management of a unified and coordinated lithography is mainly two processes of plate makin

5 hot items are instantly pinked

It's like knocking over a candy jar! Strawberry powder, blueberry purple, lemon yellow... The lovely colors are dyed with a sweet layer of frosting, and it is sweet in your heart.

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Glass bottle enterprise layout becomes a weakness in development

The unbalanced layout of food and beverage companies in glass containers is a major feature of the domestic packaging market. Glass bottles that rely on soda ash and coal raw materials are mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Shandong, and Hebei. Food and beverag

Global wood pulp shipments declined in April

According to PPPC data, global wood pulp shipments in April decreased by 11.4% from the previous month's 3.85 million tons to 3.442 million tons, up 1.3% from the 3.198 million tons in April 2011.

Among them, the volume of coniferous pulp shipments decreased from 1.918 million tons