A Comparative Study on Peaking of Gentamicin Sulfate

A Comparative Study on Peaking of Gentamicin Sulfate

1. Experimental method

Cometro high performance liquid chromatography system;

Chromatography column: Inertex C18 150 * 4.6mm, 5μm;

Evaporative light scattering detector (SOFTA M300

Introduction to Carbonless Paper

Carbonless paper has positive and generous specifications, but there are different types of upper paper, middle paper, and lower paper, and the paper price is different (see paper price classification).

The front side of the upper paper can be copied when it touches the front side

Structure of automatic paper laminating machine

1. Automatic paper feeder

Adopt the loop-type paper-feeding mechanism;-adopt high-power vacuum pumps with large air volume and smooth paper suction;-adjust the air path of the vacuum suction head, increase the pipeline, update the structure of the air valve, and increase the airflo

Four innovative elements of packaging and printing design

Print extended labels on both sides

If your product is a transparent liquid, packed in a transparent bottle, then there is a door diameter can give you more packaging design space, and the cost is very low. That is, you can print some content on the reverse side of the label. Of co

Digital printing, a new beginning for photos

Speaking of digital photos, Mr. Jin believes that as long as the relationship between the quality and cost of digital photos is controlled and processed, and the personality of digital photos is highlighted, then more users will still be willing to enjoy digital photos like reading books.