Biochemical identification of bacteria

Various microorganisms show great differences in the types of metabolism. This difference is more pronounced due to the unique single-cell prokaryotic properties of bacteria. Different bacteria have different enzyme systems, so different bacteria have different abilities to decompose and u

Commonly used plates in life: wood board, particle board, plywood

Today, with the development of technology, the sheet is not simply a simple sheet. Today, the definition of sheet is very wide. Not only the furniture manufacturing industry, but also the construction industry and the processing industry have diff

Small life ideas

Small life ideas
Life can become a little creativity kit small mouth, round the ship. . .
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Detecting the total melamine method in food

At present, there are many methods for detecting melamine, and HPLC, liquid chromatography and gas chromatography are the more common methods. This site collects some domestic related articles and organizes them as follows. Methods include: GC-MS, Spectra-Quad line detection, ultra perform