Automatic petroleum product kinematic viscosity tester

The instrument complies with GB/T265 and is suitable for determining the kinematic viscosity of petroleum products. 1 Automation degree: Industrial grade ARM32-bit patch core processor, which automatically completes the test process. The data can be exported through the U disk, and processed by

Summary of easy ways to identify common substances in biological agents

In the experimental biological reagents, there are some colorless and odorless gases, such as O2, H2, N2, CH4, CO, etc. So how do we identify the common substances in the reagents? You can:

1. Take a flaming strip of wood into the bottle and observe. If the burning wood strip burns

American pastoral family of three is full of wardrobes

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] This American-style pastoral style home, living room, kitchen and other cases do not have much difference, simple furniture, fresh floral, while the master bedroom, children's room, bathroom is simple style, this ca

Beijing Qianghua's "Green Exploration"


green Printing is no longer unfamiliar to the printing industry . With the rise of this green trend, many printing companies have put green into ac

Toilet liquid bottle packaging needs to be more diversified

Now, the ordinary family living standards have been continuously improved, and the demand for toilet products is also growing. Has introduced a toilet products, but also makes the market demand the amount of

What are the top ten brands of Yuba?

Yuba is a bathroom product, everyone should be familiar with it. It integrates multiple functions of bathroom ventilation, lighting, heating and so on. So much so that it has become a must-have in many homes. But there are still many friends who do not know

Biochemical identification of bacteria

Various microorganisms show great differences in the types of metabolism. This difference is more pronounced due to the unique single-cell prokaryotic properties of bacteria. Different bacteria have different enzyme systems, so different bacteria have different abilities to decompose and u

Commonly used plates in life: wood board, particle board, plywood

Today, with the development of technology, the sheet is not simply a simple sheet. Today, the definition of sheet is very wide. Not only the furniture manufacturing industry, but also the construction industry and the processing industry have diff