Community posts set reviews to get prizes! I want to be focused! ! !

【Activity theme】 Fall is a good season for travel. You who are ready to embark on the journey are still hesitating to go where? Set reviews for prizes! You must remember that in the last trip, in order to take a better picture and share it at the same time, you did not hesita

Wine packaging box design and printing process points


As the main medium for the communication of wine products, the design and printing quality of wine boxes has always been the focus of brewing companies, and it is also an effective way to attract consumers' attention and i

Pepsi 40 Years of Immortality and Weight of Packaging Brands

Reading: Pepsi Cola recently appeared in the public news column, probably in the past two months, targeting China's fast-growing dairy drink market. The development of carbonated drinks seems to be a real bottleneck. How PepsiCo restarted the classics of previous years has gradually been pu

China wins the right to host the 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup

China to win the 2019 Basketball World Cup hosting rights Date:2015-08-08 12:08

The FIBA ​​held a meeting in Tokyo. At the meeting, China and the Philippines made the final statement on the bid to host the 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup. After the e

Eagle bathroom how to save water experts

Bathroom is a necessity for every household, everyone will use it, the first thing everyone considers when buying a bathroom is quality. Eagle bathroom is one of the oldest and most powerful bathroom brands in China. How about Eagle bathroo