How to place test samples in the xenon lamp aging test chamber

In the test, the description of the aging test box of the xenon lamp has clearly specified that the sample to be tested has a specific placement position. The placement of the sample and the direction of the irradiation will seriously affect the test results. The surface of the test sample

NOWlab is inspired by Terminator 3D printing T1000 bench

There is no doubt that for designers, 3D printing has opened the door for them to create shapes that were previously unimaginable. NOWlab, a startup design company from Germany, is dedicated to combining 3D printing…

Sculptor 3D Print Pendant to commemorate the Paris attack

On the evening of November 13, 2015, Paris suffered a terrorist attack, and people around the world expressed different emotions. Grief, anger, fear, these are very natural reactions to such a cruel tragedy. However, in general, grief can turn into hatred. After experiencing

“Data Driven Schools, Analytical Change Education”

Using data mining technology and learning analysis technology, constructing relevant models in the field of education, exploring the correlation between educational variables, providing effective support for education and teaching decisions, will become the development trend of future educ