The home market is picking up, and the adjustment speed of the major stores is not decreasing.

The mainstream market in Beijing market is frequently adjusted, and the structure is refined to cope with market changes.

Although the market is picking up, the pace of adjustments in major stores is still not decreasing. Actually, the squatter lighting hall is attracting investment, and the existing soft-packing hall is being further adjusted. The five stores of Red Star Macalline Beijing will have more precise positioning in the second half of the year, including the designer selection center and the villa exclusive experience hall. Launched; Wanjia Lights also used part of the Shahe store space for the famous discount store... Although the current adjustment is more of an exploration, it also shows that the Beijing store is more innovative and active in the market operation mode.

The store gradually refines the structure

Following last year's Jimei Home on the basis of home building materials, the Dahong store became a comprehensive trade body containing a variety of business formats including wine, electrical appliances, fitness equipment and leather. This year's action in major stores is obviously more proactive. In addition to the actual house squatter lighting museum began to attract investment, Red Star Macalline also repositioned the five major shopping malls in Beijing, Wanjia Denghuohe shop will also "outlet" concept Introduce the home industry and create a famous discount store.

According to Wang Wei, vice president of Hongxing Meikailong Group and general manager of Beijing-Shanghai & Southwest Region, Red Star’s five shopping malls in Beijing will have different and clearer positioning in the future. For example, Dongsihuan is in the home furnishing industry. "Xingguang Tiandi", the North Fourth Ring will launch a villa home exclusive experience museum, and the North Fifth Ring will have a brand new designer selection center. Wang Wei said that it will definitely make every mall accurately serve the community. "Five malls will have their own strengths."

The industry believes that home stores can only guide healthy consumption if they dig deeper into consumer trends.

The same structural refinement was also carried out quietly inside the home of the house. The soft decoration hall of Jinyuandian, which was opened in March last year, has been adjusted. Liu Wei, deputy general manager of Jinyuandian, said that the soft-packed products are increasing. Last year's adjustment was not enough, so this year will be adjusted.

Mining new trends in consumption

Not only are comprehensive hypermarkets changing, but professional stores are also trying to change the original single image. In the second half of this year, Shilihe will also have a high-end “Dragon Plaza” opening. According to Li Xiao, deputy general manager of Xiaolong International Home Life Plaza, “The reason why I didn’t call 'Building Building Square' or 'Home Plaza' is also to adjust everyone’s impression of Xiaolong’s past.”

However, all these changes are different reflections of the various markets on the market. Li Xiao said that the building materials have been in a downturn for the past two years, and the road is definitely narrower and narrower. The adjustment of the industrial structure is definitely necessary. OK. Wang Wei also believes that the development of the Chinese family's home, in addition to the hardware will be better and better, each family's lifestyle, cultural taste will have higher and more individual requirements, which will promote the scope of the store's business More extensive, more supporting.

Each store has different conditions and different judgments on future trends, so there will be different adjustment strategies. The reason is that there will be some changes every other time, and it is also a process that everyone is constantly trying. Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Branch of the Beijing Market Association, believes that on the one hand, the store should tap the new consumer trends, and on the other hand, it should guide consumers to rational and healthy consumption, so this change is dynamic and exploratory.

Source: SouFun

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