Taking hot heat, summer hot yoga is at the time


There is a saying: When you practice yoga from a few years old, your physical condition will remain at the age of the time! Compared to traditional yoga, high temperature yoga will allow your body to move into motion faster, reduce the chance of injury, and eliminate tension. Of course, the most important thing is to consume more calories. how? This is definitely a new attempt that you can't miss!

High-temperature yoga, also known as thermal yoga, performs yoga in a high temperature environment of 38 °C - 40 °C . With some static movements of twisting and stretching, it can accelerate detoxification in the body, regulate the endocrine system, and reduce fat loss. Office workers who have been sitting in the office and blowing air conditioners can experience the excitement after sweating. It is the best exercise to lose weight so far. Compared to traditional aerobic exercise such as swimming and jogging, hot yoga can drive muscles you have never used before, and achieve unexpected weight loss. For example, the "mountain vertical posture" raised by the arm seems to be simple, but it can lengthen the muscles on both sides of the body, accelerate the blood circulation on the side of the body, and increase the fat burning speed by 20% .

British sports medicine experts say that the most significant effect of thermal yoga is breathing and losing weight: the diaphragm is sunk when inhaling, and the abdominal viscera is massaged ; when the breath is lifted, the diaphragm is moved up and the internal organs are massaged, thereby strengthening the function of the entire internal organs. Increase basal metabolic rate,

In summer, the body's metabolism is accelerated and consumed quickly. Because high-temperature yoga needs to be carried out in a closed room and consumes more quickly, so eat some carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, vegetables, fruits, etc. 2 hours before the practice, otherwise it will appear easily in practice. The phenomenon of hypoglycemia. Half an hour after the exercise, it is advisable to drink an appropriate amount of boiled water to help the intestines to squirm, speed up the discharge of toxins from the body, and replenish electrolytes lost during sweating during exercise to moisturize the stomach and skin.

In general, yoga is suitable for people of any age. However, patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, retinal detachment, head and neck injury, pregnant women, seriously ill or post-operative patients should pay more attention to the safety of exercise. Because some yoga breathing and posture, it will cause load or pressure on the body, causing injury and physical discomfort. Therefore, students should consult their doctor before practicing and inform the instructor of their health status before class to make appropriate follow-up and guidance.

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