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When it comes to Casio watches, it always reminds people of the famous G-SHOCK. The powerful shock-proof design is enough to make you confident in dealing with extreme environments. With the accumulation of technology in the G-SHOCK watches, Casio has marched on the outdoor mountaineering table market in more than ten years and launched the professional climbing watch brand PROTREK. Compared with G-SHOCK, PROTREK is not only indestructible, but also equipped with a unique triple. Sensors for outdoor sports meet the needs of outdoor professional use.


After years of development, the Casio mountaineering watch brand PROTREK series watches have gradually been divided into pure hands, pointer liquid crystal dual display and pure liquid crystal display three categories, Xiaoke hand the Casio PROTREK PRW-5100T, it is the pointer LCD double display series The main member in the. Titanium alloy material makes PROTREK mountaineering watch PRW-5100T look like a lot of mighty, as if to say: Put me on the go?


Breaking stereotypes does not mean rough

Most outdoor products, while ensuring firmness, will give way to details in order to make concessions. As time goes by, outdoor products should be deeply rooted in the rough stereotypes. When I first saw PRW-5100T's all-titanium alloy plus a pointer dial design, Xiao Bian's mind could not help but be surprised. Does the design of PRW-5100T so precise and high-quality really resist the harsh environment of outdoor?


Picking up the watch, we realized that the PRW-5100T has a very light weight - in order to achieve both solid and fine, Casio PROTREK Mountaineering Table PRW-5100T uses a large number of durable and lightweight titanium alloy! Compared to other metal materials, titanium alloys are not only extremely strong, but also have an overwhelming weight advantage. The Casio Mountaineering Table PRW-5100T retains the titanium alloy metal color, which is quite decent even when worn daily.


Pointer design is the most exciting place than the precise dial, PRW-5100T in the periphery of the dial into the angle, time zone city, barometric pressure and six innings work tips, and outdoor related content, such as the clock mode, world clock Mode, stopwatch mode, countdown timer mode, alarm mode, data retrieval mode, more on the LCD screen in the middle of the dial, obviously PRW-5100T's designers do not want to allow too much information to directly flood the entire dial, In order to ensure the high resolution of reading measurement data.


In order to ensure that you can see the watch readings under any circumstances, Casio's PROTREK PRW-5100T's hour and minute hands and scales are coated with high-performance light storage material, which can clearly read the time even without backlighting at night. The PROTREK PRW-5100T's LCD dial is also equipped with LED backlight. If the automatic lighting mode is turned on and the hand bowl is rotated in a dark environment, the LED backlight will automatically light up and illuminate the entire dial without human intervention.

The TRIPLE SENSOR on the Casio PROTREKPRW-5100T strap tells us that the PRW-5100T is an outdoor watch that can be undone. The Triple Sensor has also been the masterpiece of the PROTREK Mountaineering Table PRW-5100T.


Most of the outdoor tables of other manufacturers use the liquid crystal display, and there is no other reason for this - in the event of a shock, the watch hands will undergo a test, and it is easy for the hands to shift or even break. Casio's PROTREK PRW-5100T uses Casio's unparalleled TOUGH MOVEMENT (MVT) tough movement technology to keep the hands free of extreme outdoor challenges. The strong movement allows each hand on the dial to point to the exact position, while the extremely strong housing also ensures that the hands are protected from impact. Just how, how can we call it unique world? With the help of TOUGH MOVEMENT, Casio can even let the watch correct its own pointer. Once you find that the watch has deviated from the watch after the catastrophe, simply press the Mode (D) button to enter the automatic correction function of the HS pointer reference position, and correct it with CAMP (C) and ALTI (A). At the same time, in the next time, the PRW-5100T will use the corrected hand as a reference to correct the time for the watch.


Usually, the design of a metal strap bayonet socket is sufficient, but in order to prevent the looseness of the strap buckle due to scratching and large movement during outdoor sports, the PROTREK mountaineering strap has also been specially designed. The second floor buckle ensures the safety and comfort of wearing. Titanium strap with double buckle design Even if you take your watch to the rock you won't get loose.

PROTREK 5100T-表带卡口GIF.gif

Triple sensor re-evolution outdoor environment full master

Having finished the appearance of the PRW-5100T, we returned to the crucial triple sensor function of the CASIO PROTERK. Press the Mode (D) button on the watch until the LCD prompts to return to HOME mode. CAMP (C), BARD (B), and ALTI (A) on the right side of the dial represent the compass and barometer of the PRW-5100T. / Thermometer, altimeter three modes. The size of the three buttons is significantly larger than the other buttons on the other watch, even if you wear gloves can easily switch modes.


Turn on the ALTI altimeter mode. After a few seconds of measurement, the liquid crystal display on the dial will report to the current altitude, and the altitude measurement is automatically converted by the pressure change. At the far right of the screen, the elevations of the previously traveled distance are recorded. By default, during the first three minutes of the measurement, the watch will make a measurement every 5 seconds, and then the measurement frequency will change to be measured every 2 minutes. And you can record the highest and lowest altitudes as required, as well as 14 manually saved records.


The BARD barometer/thermometer mode is also similar to the altimeter mode. Press BARD (B) to switch to barometer/thermometer mode. Press the ADJUST (E) button below the watch to display between barometric pressure and temperature display. Switch. However, it should be noted that air pressure measurement requires a relatively stable environment, so it is easier to get accurate results on the hands, and the temperature is the opposite. You need to take off your watch, place it in a place that is not exposed to the sun, and avoid body temperature and sunlight. Degree of influence.


COMP Compass mode is concise and clear, the second hand directly into the compass, PRW-5100T movement response can be as fast as an ordinary compass rotation, each alternate angle half a second PRW-5100T pointer can quickly rotate into place.

Since the watch incorporates a number of useful functions, endurance must be considered. In the PRW-5100T, the Touch Solar technology equipped with a large-capacity solar charging pad can meet the requirement by passing outdoor sunshine (50000 lux) for 8 minutes. 1 day of operation. In fact, as long as you do not lock the PRW-5100T in the cassette, the PRW-5100T will hardly have power shortage. The PRW-5100T does not require such maintenance throughout its entire life cycle, compared to other mountaineering watches, which require a replacement battery. At the same time, the watch's various power-hungry features also run smoothly.


Write last


After a trial in the mountains for a period of time, whether it is altitude, pressure/temperature, or the compass on the Casio mountaineering table PRW-5100T can be a good and stable operation. Perhaps the shape of the PROTREK mountaineering watch is not avant-garde, but the handsome pointer design is more eye-catching in everyday life. Once set foot in the open air, PROTREK mountaineering watch PRW-5100T's triple sensor and super practical design will absolutely allow you to put pressure, temperature, position, height and other vitality of the tasks of peace of mind entrusted to the task. You know, the domestic war correspondent Tang Shizeng was also a user of PROTREK mountaineering watches. If you are an office worker, there is an occasional habit of going away on weekends. A pointer-type Casio Mountaineering Table PRW-5100T is enough to accompany you on your wrist and follow you through various life situations.


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