Small personalized screen printing technology has a broad market

The development of the screen printing industry has now been more than two thousand years of history. Screen printing has the advantages of large batches, cheap prices, bright colors, long shelf life and fast delivery. It is recognized and applied by more and more industries. widely. The screen printing industry has a very close relationship with our lives. Observing everything around you is inseparable from this screen printing. Maybe it is the most suitable for inexhaustible use here.

However, since 2012, the screen printing industry has been in a downturn in the market. Many companies have closed their doors and many people have lost their minds. Many people can't help but wonder: Where is the future of the entire screen printing industry?
The future will always be in your own hands. The emergence of new technologies has greatly impacted the entire screen printing industry. From the perspective of sustainable use of resources, the screen printing industry should abandon some of the more traditional market areas. This is an inevitable trend for the future development of every production industry, and we should not have any regrets.
The range of screen printing applications is very wide. In addition to water and air, any kind of object can be used as a substrate. Someone once said this when evaluating screen printing: If you want to find the ideal printing method on the earth to achieve the printing purpose, it is probably the screen printing method. Screen printing is not only suitable for general paper printing, but also has a wide range of adaptability. For example: ceramics, glass, printed circuit boards, etc. Depending on the texture of the substrate, the printing is not the same. Although there is an inseparable internal connection between the series, but because of the different materials of the substrate, each has its own particularity. Therefore, people are generally divided into several categories according to substrates: paper printing, plastic printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, circuit board printing, metal printing, textile printing and so on. In this way, each relatively independent printing system is formed.
Screen printing can be used on the circuit boards of household appliances, patterns on textiles, patterns on T-shirts, cultural shirts, shoes, text on the panels of refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, decoration on ceramics, glass, tiles; various Commercial advertisements such as electrical appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, mobile and other advertising platforms; in the packaging and decoration industry, screen printing high-end packaging boxes, bottles, cigarette bags, wine bags, especially ultra-large outer packaging and product shape decoration-silk Screen printing is extremely widely used and is closely connected with our lives. Its technology is mainly controlled by many printing plants, and small personalized screen printing technology is rarely taught in China, and the market is very broad!
With the emergence and continuous improvement of new technologies such as CTP, digital screen printing and new screen printing management methods, they are already depicting a new screen printing future for us. The previous complexity requires multi-work coordination and comparison The screen printing or printing business that can be completed after a long preparation time becomes simple and fast. In the near future, we can completely customize and modify the personalized printing service directly from the screen printing factory.

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