The underground coal gasification simulation test of the School of Materials Science, Henan Polytechnic University was successful.

Recently, the research work on underground coal gasification of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Henan Polytechnic University has made breakthrough progress. On March 30th, the project leader, Professor Lun Lun, led the research team and successfully realized the underground gasification simulation test of Hebi coal using the self-built model test platform. The test uses a two-stage gasification process using air and water vapor as a gasifying agent. The entire gasification process lasts for 17 hours. In the steam gasification stage, the water gas heat value reaches 12.9 MJ/m3.

Underground coal gasification is a process of converting solid coal into gaseous fuel or raw materials through controlled combustion and conversion, and transforming physical coal mining into chemical coal mining, which is called "green mining technology." In the mining and utilization of waste coal pillars, “three down” coal and high-sulfur coal, underground gasification has unique advantages and can fully utilize resources. Compared with traditional coal mining and utilization, underground coal gasification can reduce the emission of coal gangue, fly ash and wastewater, and has good economic, environmental and social benefits.

In recent years, the research team has carried out research on underground coal gasification under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation and other projects. The success of this test has enabled our school to enter the ranks of a few universities in China that conduct underground coal gasification research, which will definitely promote the development and application of underground coal gasification technology in China.

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