Rieter letter classroom light intelligent scene simulation diagram

Rainy mode (A) projection mode (B)

立达信 教室灯智能场景模拟图立达信 教室灯智能场景模拟图

Control output:

80-100% luminous flux output in the middle column, 50% optical transmission in the upper two columns

The output is output and the blackboard light is turned on. Control output:

Pull up the curtains, 50% luminous flux output, turn off the blackboard light.

Night self-study mode (C) night class mode (D)

立达信 教室灯智能场景模拟图立达信 教室灯智能场景模拟图

Control output:

The classroom light has a 100% luminous flux output and the blackboard light is turned off. Control output:

Classroom lights, blackboard lights 100% luminous flux output.

One or four intelligent modes:

1, rainy mode

2, projection mode

3, night class mode

4, night self-study mode

Second, according to the actual lighting conditions of the classroom design, the overall intelligent effect is set during installation.

Third, intelligent dimming

Fourth, classroom lights V3.5 automatic fill light function.

立达信 教室灯智能场景模拟图

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