How can a casual backpack be lighter?

How to save your backpack?

For a large backpack with a volume of 50 liters or more, when placing items, place heavy objects that are not afraid of bumping in the lower part. It is better that the backpack can stand on its own when placed. If the weight is heavy, put the weights evenly in the bag. And close to the body, so the overall center of gravity will not fall.

The backpack has skill on the shoulders, put the backpack on a certain height, shoulders into the shoulder straps, leaning forward and standing up on the legs, which is a more convenient way. If there is no place to sit high, lift the backpack with both hands and place it on one knee. Face the strap, control the bag in one hand, and quickly turn the other with the shoulder strap. Then put one arm into the shoulder strap and the other arm. enter.

After the back of the bag, tighten the belt so that the heel is subjected to the heaviest force. The chest strap should be buckled and tightened so that the backpack does not have a sense of falling behind. When walking, the hands are pulled to adjust between the shoulder strap and the backpack. With the body slightly tilted forward, the gravity is actually on the waist and ankle when walking, and there is no pressure on the back. In the event of an emergency, the upper limb can be flexibly placed. When there is no protection through the rapids and steep areas, the shoulder straps should be loosened and the belt and chest strap should be opened so that in the event of danger, the people can be separated as quickly as possible.

Items that are not allowed to be checked by airplane baggage include:

Small and valuable items: cash, securities, bills of exchange, credit cards, jewelry, cameras.

Urgent items: medicines, keys, passports, travellers cheques, business documents.

Irreplaceable items: manuscripts, ancestral objects.

Fragile: glasses, glass containers, liquids.

The above items should be carried along with them or placed in carry-on baggage that can be placed under the seat. The airline is liable for the loss or damage of the above-mentioned items in the checked baggage according to the general checked baggage.

Passengers must not bring controlled tools to board. Tools or blunt instruments other than controlled knives should be shipped with checked baggage and cannot be carried around.

For more information, please pay attention to China Backpacking Network

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