Commonly used plates in life: wood board, particle board, plywood

Today, with the development of technology, the sheet is not simply a simple sheet. Today, the definition of sheet is very wide. Not only the furniture manufacturing industry, but also the construction industry and the processing industry have different materials. Today we take a closer look at the plates that are commonly used in our lives, such as blockboards, particleboards, and plywood.

  Blockboard: The surface of the blockboard should be flat, the gap between the core strips is small, and the core strip is free from decay and thrift. Some blockboards cut corners, and the gap between the solid wood strips is large. If nails are nailed in the gap, there is basically no nail holding force. Consumers can look at the sun when they choose, and the gap between the solid wood strips will be white. If the glue strength of the blockboard is not good, it will have a "吱吱" opening sound when it is self-financing. If the large core board emits a fragrant wood smell, it means that the formaldehyde emission is less; if the smell is pungent, it means that the formaldehyde is released more. The quality of blockboard is very different and should be carefully checked when purchasing. First of all, see if the core material is dense, whether there are obvious seams and decaying wood strips, whether there are obvious seams and decaying spoiled wood strips. There may be eggs in the decaying wood strips, and insects will occur in the future;

  Particleboard: Particleboard is a natural wood that is pulverized into a pellet and then pressed and pressed. Because its profile is similar to honeycomb, it is called particleboard. The particle board is insulated and absorbs sound. Because the method is easy to make, the quality is very different, it is difficult to distinguish, the bending resistance and tensile resistance are poor, and the density is loose and easy to loose. Mainly used for insulation, sound absorption or ceiling, making ordinary furniture. At present, many manufacturers produce furniture using particleboard, which is also the main material of cabinets. The surface of the particleboard is often pressed on both sides with a tri-hydrogen ammonia finish. After being edge-sealed, it has the same appearance as the MDF. It is assembled with a special connector and is detachable.

  Plywood: Plywood is made of three or more layers of solid wood veneer or thin-plate adhesive. It has good structural strength and good stability. The plywood has a large amount of glue, and it must be edge-sealed during construction to reduce pollution. Plywood is selected mainly for its formaldehyde emission and bonding strength. If the gluing strength of the plywood is not good, it is easy to fall apart. Plywood has the difference between front and back. When selecting, the plywood should have a clear wood grain, a smooth and smooth front surface, and no roughness.

     Some plywood is made by sticking two veneers of different textures together, so in the selection, it should be noted that the splice joints should be tight and there is no unevenness. When selecting plywood, you should pay attention to the selection of non-dispersed plywood. If the sound is brittle when the hands are knocked on various parts of the plywood, the quality is proved to be good. If the sound is boring, it means that the plywood has been discolored.

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