How to ensure the stability of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The stability of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is directly related to whether the test can be carried out normally. In addition to the manufacturer's design and the stability of the test chamber, the various settings of the customer during use also have a significant impact on stability. However, in the daily use process, many users only operate according to the instructions or according to what they think, in order to use the equipment to achieve the best working condition.

The stability of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is closely related to the refrigeration system. The medium temperature refrigerant R404A generally used in the single-stage refrigeration cycle in the test chamber has a minimum temperature of -36.5 °C in the actual tank. By lowering the evaporation pressure of the compressor, the lowest temperature can be lowered to -50 °C. . If a lower temperature is required, a cascade refrigeration cycle is required. In this way, the refrigeration stability of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber can be ensured, thereby ensuring the stability of the test chamber.

The refrigeration system and compressor of the test chamber are complementary. Regardless of the refrigerant, the lower the evaporation pressure, the lower the evaporation temperature; if the evaporation temperature is too low, the refrigerant is solidified, the flow and circulation of the refrigerant cannot be achieved; the pressure is reduced, and the volume of the refrigerant is increased. The suction volume will increase and the volume of the compressor will be more demanding.

The refrigeration system of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is related to the cooling and dehumidification of the test box. For each setting of the equipment, the corresponding program will be started, which will produce different effects. Therefore, understanding the structure and principle of the test box and its importance, correct and reasonable use, can achieve the desired results. The stability of the test chamber can be ensured by properly setting up the refrigeration system and other components.


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