5 mini practical car air purifiers can also be cute

Haze, PM2.5, PM10 ... Nowadays, the daily weather forecast especially includes these values ​​as reminders. The air quality problem is also getting more and more attention. The air purifier has become a hot selling item in the store. The editor will recommend several cute air purifiers to you so that you can have a good mood while breathing fresh air.

Air purifiers can also be cute

Newbel NBE-500 Air Purifier

Reference price: 99.00 yuan / piece

Editor's recommendation reason: With the improvement of living standards, more and more people have their own cars. Due to its compact size, this air purifier can be placed in the car or it can be an office assistant, helping to isolate computer dust, moisturizing the skin affected by the barrier radiation, and taking care of your breathing ducts. What's special is the USB interface design. With the car's USB power supply delivered with the product, it can be used in cars, homes, and offices!

Charcoal thumb car air purifier

Reference price: 169.00 yuan / piece

Editor's recommendation reason: this air purifier is onboard. In the closed compartment, the plastic products in the car will release harmful substances. This air purifier can efficiently remove formaldehyde, xylene, TM2.5 , Bacteria and harmful gases, the operation is simple and convenient, you can enjoy the clear air with just one touch.

Haojie Car Air Purifier

Reference price: 168.00 yuan / piece

Editor ’s recommendation reason: The streamlined design of this air purifier looks cute. It uses wit piano paint, which lubricates the translucent surface and is extremely luxurious. Under its gorgeous appearance, the function is also comprehensive enough. The absorption port is porous, absorbing harmful substances to the greatest extent, greatly improving the effect of purifying the air.

Mexxis car air purifier

Reference price: 128.00 yuan / piece

Editor's recommendation reason: This air purifier is also a car air purifier. It has a metal texture and piano-like paint quality. The classic elements of the car design make the product glow charming, humanized design, convenient and practical. The imported negative ion generator adopts the same power to increase the emission speed by 2.5 times, the purification effect breaks through 2.5 times, and the service life is also greatly enhanced.

Kakira car air purifier

Reference price: 158.00 yuan / piece

Editor's recommendation reason: This car air purifier, water electronic liquid filtration CNC washing and purification, let you always have the fresh forest like rain after the rain, there is natural wind to quickly purify every corner, no dead ends, with ecological humidification function The freshness of nature.

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