Search shop: Twelve Oaks American classical furniture dress up warm and intellectual beauty

The American classical style is favored by successful people because of its emphasis on returning to the realm of returning to the realm. Recommended brands: Lawnes, celebrity home, medium to. The official website believes that this style of furniture prefers rough, unprocessed texture and chronology, and is loved by the middle class for its comfortable, practical and versatile design.
This search shop aims to lock the four-layered American classical furniture of the Century Golden Flower Life House - Twelve Oaks. For this relatively unfamiliar brand name, the store manager explained: "The brand name of 'Twelve Oaks' is taken from a book full of rural pastoralism in the American literary classic "Gone with the Wind", with the meaning of enjoyment and fairy tales. Full of tranquility, beauty and rich American style. 'Knowledge Beauty·Home' is the standard of home style created by the Twelve Oaks brand."
The material of Twelve Oak Park is made of oak imported from Southeast Asia. It is hand-carved. The leather is made of Italian first-layer cowhide. It has good stretchability, no slackness and breathability. The cushion is a non-woven bag spring. The product is naturally comfortable and meets the needs of the “living, casual, and enjoyable” home life. Regardless of the color, regardless of the style subdivision, the design concept of mix and match is used to bring the demand for free, innovative, casual and individual furniture to the fullest.
According to the store manager: Twelve Oaks has become a model of new American life with 'intellectuality', 'mix and match', 'environmental protection', 'manual' and 'supporting'. Then it interprets the concept of life that is more natural and more returning.

"Intellectual" remarks: The middle class, aged between 28 and 45, is the backbone of wealth creation. As an important consumer group of middle and upper furniture, a large part of the middle class loves American furniture with high connotation culture, and has its own unique aesthetic requirements and high aesthetic appeal.

"Mixed-up" description: American furniture old world faction: According to the American furniture conventional classification, the furniture is divided into antique, neo-classical and rustic style. The store display design is serialized, and the sales plan is also biased towards serialization.
American furniture new world faction: carry MIXTURE to the end! Regardless of the color, regardless of the style subdivision, the design concept of mix and match is used to bring the consumer's free, innovative, casual and individual furniture matching needs to the fullest.

"Environmental protection": grinding fine, thin wood; soft, pure fabric; green, ecological and natural materials... everything brings a warm and intimate feeling, "design must be conscience, Let the heart feel comfortable," said Huang Jianming, the design director. "Conscience design reflects the respect for the environment in the use of materials and processing procedures, and more on the psychological feelings of each contact. With vital design, for consumption. Creating a healthy and beautiful living environment and letting everyone truly feel the life from the bottom of their hearts is the unshakable mission of the Twelve Oaks."

"Manual" remarks: Today's people generally agree that good products are mostly hand-mixed products. For example, the "Rolls Royce" in the car, the "Cartier" in the jewelry, the Rolls-Royce in the furniture - the original paintings of the famous paintings of the Launes Furniture http//, etc. The uniqueness and scarcity of the work. Therefore, these works constitute the eternal theme of the pursuit and possession of the mainstream life circle.

Handwork is the signature of the "Twelve Oaks". Handmade products are the combination of people's emotional understanding and spirituality of products, which allows consumers to feel unique and precious from the heart. Because of this preciousness, it will make the product glow with unspeakable human feelings and care, thus surpassing the secular value constraints. Handwork is unique in order, even if it is the same model, it is also based on the overall similarity, although this feature is very subtle, this is the value. What's more, there are quite a few complicated patterns that cannot be replaced by machines.

Every product of "Twelve Oaks" can be said to be unique. Because it carries the human spirit, it reflects the individual's feelings and thinking, ensuring the precious personalization of the product.

"Companion" description: Whether it is the image design of the terminal storefront or the matching strategy of the jewelry, we strive to combine the market characteristics and unique visual effects to focus on the perfect balance. At the same time, take a more flexible approach to the sales model to build a platform for dealers to serve. In the image of advertising, adopt the design method that fits the consumer psychology, strengthen the communication between the brand and potential customers, and achieve better brand awareness and reputation. Xianghe Furniture City official website

Android Wall-mount

WeeTaach Digital Signage covers a wide series of such as 32, 43, 49, 55, 58 and 65 inches, portrait or landscape, This series of digital signage panels are running with Android OS, and we are happy to accept OEM productions on basis of quantitative orders.

â… . Illustration:

Digital Ads Billboard 2

â…¡. Main Features:

  • Excellent cost/performance device
  • Fashion design, user-friendly UI
  • Local and Network service & maintenance
  • Easy Ads timing & content control
  • Playback of A/V programs, Office files, etc.
  • Unified management through server/control center
  • Ethernet, WIFI & mobile network services
  • Android OS

â…¢. Specification

  • Type: Wall-mount
  • Color: White, Black, or customized
  • Screen: First class LED backlighted
  • Screen Proof: 4mm-thick tempered glass
  • Screen size: 32 to 65 inches
  • Touch Mode: IR or Capacitive (Optional)
  • Main Interfaces: 2*USB2.0, SD or TF slot,1*MSATA, 1*RJ45
  • Speaker: Embedded 2x10W, stereo
  • Definition: 1080x1920
  • Brightness: 350cd/m²
  • Static Contract: 1200:1
  • Visual Angle: 178 degrees (V/H)
  • Display Scale: 9:16/16:9

  • Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Working Condition: 0 to 50 degree C/ 10% to 90% RH
  • Storage Condition: -20 to 60 degree C/ 10% to 90% RH

Note: The technical specifications herein are for reference only. We remain the rights to upgrade without prior notice.

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