Wine packaging box design and printing process points


As the main medium for the communication of wine products, the design and printing quality of wine boxes has always been the focus of brewing companies, and it is also an effective way to attract consumers' attention and increase the added value of products. Should be based on cultural characteristics of wine products, set design and exterior decoration shape structure design concept of both ideas, and strive to fight the wine culture mellow, distinctive personality traits of high value-added print products.

Decoration design

The decoration design is the soul of the wine box design. The packaging designer must first understand the historical origin and cultural background of the wine product, know the basic information such as the fragrance type and the alcoholic quality of the wine product, and then give the wine product a unique design with a professional design angle. The image of the shelf, rendering the regional characteristics and connotation characteristics of the wine products. At the same time, packaging designers must master the latest printing technology and process realization, actively listen to the advice of printing technicians, and appropriately incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures to achieve the purpose of promoting the legitimate interests of consumers while promoting sales.

Box design

The box design is the torso of the wine box design. The attractive "body posture" of the wine box always gives the wine products a shelf effect of "standing the chickens", in order to stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. At present, the box type design of the wine box mainly refers to the change design of the box type structure, and generally includes the box structure change design and the cover structure change design.

Printing and processing

Prepress processing

Pre-press technicians should carefully understand the design concept of packaging designers, fully understand the conception of packaging designers, carefully arrange pre-press process documents, and rationally select trapping pressure parameter selection, bleeding size setting, box escaping, etc. Process processing ensures that the wine box is designed to the maximum extent possible by the packaging designer.

2. Printing process

The printing operator should follow the principle of “the color sequence of high imprinting accuracy” to arrange the printing color sequence, select the appropriate printing pressure and printing speed for the printing operation, and compare the standard proofs from time to time to check the printing quality of the printed matter.

3. Post-press processing

Post-press processing mainly undertakes the task of surface finishing and box molding of wine boxes, generally including laminating/glazing, hot stamping, embossing/concave, die-cutting, windowing, paste box and other processes. Postpress operators should pay close attention to the key control points of each post-press process to prevent quality defects. (Editor: Wang Yang)

   The above content is selected from the 6th issue of “ Printing Technology ·Packaging and Decoration” in 2012. More journal content please pay attention to the journal channel.

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