High-speed inkjet printing is a blockbuster technology and equipment promotion

Guide: Drupa2008, high-speed inkjet printing technology can be described as a blockbuster, leaving a deep impression and hope for the printing industry in various countries, therefore, this year is defined as "high-speed inkjet drupa". Every year since then, high-speed inkjet printing technology has received much attention.

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, drupa2016 is about to kick off, this exhibition has some eye-catching high-speed inkjet technology we don't know yet, but now is the 2015 key year of drupa2016, there are quite a lot of equipment Manufacturers are gearing up and smug.

The imaging method needs to be refined. In general, the printing products printed by high-speed inkjet printing technology, whether black and white or color, continue to be consistent with traditional offset printing. However, high-speed inkjet printing technology needs to be strengthened for certain demanding prints. From the perspective of imaging, high-speed inkjet printing technology relies on the number of dots to present the tone, and can also be understood as the use of dot reproduction images, similar to the FM technology in traditional printing technology. Those who know about printing know that in the traditional printing process, AM screening technology is more commonly used, that is, the size of the dot is used to complete the image presentation. Therefore, in high-speed inkjet printing technology, the size of the ink droplets ejected from the nozzle determines the clarity and resolution of the image quality. If the ink droplets are too large, the pattern with the gradient color at the edge of the presented image will also be The ink droplets are too large and the transition is not soft and the resolution is not high. Of course, all current high-speed inkjet printing equipment suppliers are continuing to overcome this technical problem. At the 2014 China International All-India Exhibition, we also saw an inkjet with an ink droplet size of about 2 to 3 picoliters. Printing equipment, from a technical point of view, the quality of the pattern printed by such ink droplet size, the resolution can reach 1200dpi, has reached the offset level. In this way, the technical breakthrough in high-speed inkjet printing is only a matter of time.

High cost and difficult to promote interaction High-speed inkjet printing as an emerging technology has not been widely used in China. At the same time, this sophisticated technology is also heavily invested in domestic equipment and consumables, making it suitable for printing in China. It is difficult for enterprises to form large-scale applications, and the high cost of use and promotion are difficult to compete. At this time, the market environment is in the traditional printing industry, which is seriously affected by digital media and faces the reshuffle. The price war has spread, and even the single-chip cost of high-speed inkjet printing technology is only 2% higher than traditional printing is also very difficult for end users to accept. On top of this issue, the government is required to support the green printing industry. The equipment manufacturers' technology research and development steps are bigger and faster, and existing users need to use this technology to develop business orders that cannot be completed by traditional printing. Make sure you are profitable.

Equipment is not an important part of the current enterprise. In the years when the digital printing industry started to fire, although the cost of equipment is high, but the profit margin is also large, it is indeed money to buy equipment can quickly return to the money and make money. However, with the popularization of technology, several people who have the equipment first really insisted on it, so that whether it is the beginning of an industry or the beginning of a technology, equipment can only be a stepping stone. The subsequent support for the company to continue is more dependent on sound process control, suitable operating mode, advanced prepress and postpress technical support. Therefore, Zhu Junhua puts forward the theory that “equipment is not an important link facing the current enterprise” and hopes to attract the attention of the industry. Just as Hucai involves a wide range of business areas and many sections, if our high-speed inkjet printing equipment can't connect to the entire system network, how can we quickly complete the short-run printing business? In this way, after stabilizing the equipment investment, Tiger Color has stepped up the research and development of workflow software. After two years of demanding and changing procedures, it finally completed the version of the process software last year.

High-speed inkjet printing technology has been paid attention to by many people in the industry since its rise. In the process of actual application, we also recognize that whether it is technology, promotion, or positioning of enterprises, domestic printing companies are still in a position. Exploring the way. We also have reason to believe that as long as more people support and develop more applications, high-speed inkjet printing technology will be able to bloom in the domestic printing market faster.

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