Ultra High Resistance Micro Current Tester / Surface Resistivity Tester / High Resistance Meter

Overview DP2254 ultra-high resistance micro-current tester (high-resistance bulk resistivity surface resistivity tester) is a multi-purpose comprehensive measuring device for measuring the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid insulating materials by the principle of ring three-electrode method. Used as an ultra high resistance meter or micro current tester. The instrument is designed in accordance with the national standard GB/T 1410-2006/IEC 60093:1980: "Test method for volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid insulating materials".

Glass Door Lock

There are many kinds of Glass Door Locks, but mainly two types which for glass cutting and no need glass cutting. The advantage of the glass lock is that the glass doesn't need to cut-out and also can keep safe better. So glass lock is more and more popular. And we JIANGYI company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of glass hardware for more than 20 years. We persist to develop new models and use good materials to cope with the increasing variety need of domestic and foreign markets.


1. Material: Stainless Steel/ Zinc. Alloy

2. Finish: Mirror / Matt

3. Suitable for glass thickness: 6~12mm

4. Must be tempered glass

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