Green home decoration tricks

Modern decoration renderings) People are more and more environmentally friendly when they decorate their homes. If they don't pay attention to green decoration, they will bring health effects to their families. What kind of tricks does the green decoration have? Let's learn together!

1. Scientific decoration design

In the case of ensuring that indoor space, color and connotation are well reflected, the design of environmental protection should fully consider whether the selected materials are environmentally friendly, whether the dosage is reasonable, whether there is air circulation dead space in the room, and whether there will be light pollution. Avoid blind pursuit of luxury decoration.

2, carefully choose the decoration materials

In the face of a wide variety of decorative building materials on the market, first, when buying building materials or flooring, the large core board should not be paved. The decoration companies in the market are mixed. When consumers choose, they should carefully examine their qualifications and choose a formal home improvement company to ensure the quality of home improvement. At the same time, it is best to add the air quality clause of the living room when signing the home improvement contract with the decoration company. Once the indoor air pollution problem occurs after the decoration , it is easy to maintain its legitimate rights and interests.

4, furniture environmental protection can not be ignored

At present, in order to reduce costs, individual furniture manufacturers use non-environmental materials, and the sealing of the plates in processing is not strict, which often causes the furniture to pollute the indoor space. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to whether the furniture is environmentally friendly when choosing environmentally friendly home improvement.

5, do not rush to stay after renovation

The door and window decoration renderings should be opened. Ventilation for a period of time, speed up the release of harmful substances and shorten the release cycle. After you check in, you should also ensure that there is enough fresh air in the room to effectively avoid indoor environmental pollution.

6. Please pass the national measurement certification before you check in.

The indoor environmental testing unit with indoor air quality testing qualification can test the indoor environment, and can only be assured if the test result is lower than the national indoor environmental standard. In case of exceeding the standard, it is necessary to timely control. When conducting the treatment, the indoor environmental professionals should be instructed to do so. Do not blindly choose to manage products and control equipment.

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