Recommended 4 high-quality toilet lids

With more and more smart home appliances entering people's lives, smart toilet lids have become hotter and hotter in recent years, but the quality and safety issues that follow have been very serious, and even many toilet fire accidents have occurred from time to time. Does the baby have to worry about the danger of burning the butt when going to the toilet? What should I do when buying to avoid the hidden dangers of the smart toilet cover to the greatest extent? The following editor will introduce the precautions for toilet cover purchase in detail There are super cost-effective toilet lids recommended, let's understand together.

1. Logo information

A qualified smart toilet lid must have Chinese information and Chinese instructions, grounding symbols, waterproof grades and other signs and instructions. The IP code of the waterproof protection level / waterproof grade must be at least splash-proof (IPX4) to effectively prevent the presence of water. Splashes cause safety accidents such as electrical short-circuiting, fire and leakage.

Product recommendation: Jiele Matsushita Electronic Toilet Cover

The intelligent remote control function is very sensitive and convenient, and care for the safety of family members after 8 hours of power off. The 3D curved design toilet ring uses SIAA antibacterial material, which is safe and healthy. It is equipped with self-cleaning seamless stainless steel nozzles and sterilization cleaning to bring users a clean and comfortable toilet experience.

2. Flame retardant materials

When buying a smart toilet, you should check the product certificate and national safety test certificate to see if the materials used are added with flame retardants. The flame retardant grade is divided into three levels: V-0, V-1, V-2, of which the V-0 grade has the best flame retardant effect, and even if an accident occurs, the product cannot be burned.

Product recommendation: Hecheng Intelligent Toilet Cover

The product has passed the CE / CB certification and the China Household Electrical Appliances Testing Institute, and has reached the domestic safety regulations and relevant national standards for electronic covers. Its constant-speed heating system has a continuous flow of hot water and multiple flushing modes. Operation is better to take care of family health.

3. Power distribution standards

The deviation between the actual power and its nominal rated power is between -10% and + 5%, that is, the input power of the product should be measured when purchasing a smart toilet lid. A large difference from the marked power will inevitably affect the use and safety of actual functions. Secondly, the socket of the smart toilet lid should be equipped with a three-plug power supply.

Product recommendation: Faenza smart toilet cover

The seat ring is made of imported PP plate, which is evenly stressed, perfectly fits the skin, and enjoys a comfortable touch. The heating component is similar to a car engine, so that the surging fresh hot water is continuously sprayed out.

4. Grounding measures

According to national standards, the grounding measures for smart toilet lids should be implemented. The accessible metal parts of the product are permanently and reliably connected to a grounding terminal or the grounding contact of the input jack, and the clamping device of the grounding terminal should be reliable and firm. When choosing a smart toilet lid, check to see if there is such a ground terminal near the power cord outlet of the toilet lid.

Product recommendation: Dongpeng Smart Toilet Cover G109

The product is equipped with a wealth of intelligent control handles, which have a stronger three-dimensional sense. The materials of the toilet ring are all made of medical-grade antibacterial materials to ensure the health of users. The ultrasonic seamless welding process ensures that there will be no moisture infiltration in the wet bathroom for a long time.

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