How large is the disinfection cabinet? Disinfection cabinet standard size

As the main sterilization and disinfection items in the kitchen, the disinfection cabinet is particularly important, but since the disinfection cabinet has not been popularized in all households, some people do not know enough about the disinfection cabinet. In order to facilitate your purchase, the decoration is now The home decoration network Xiaobian will briefly introduce the size of the disinfection cabinet for your reference.


Disinfection cabinets can be divided into vertical disinfection cabinets, embedded disinfection cabinets and wall-mounted disinfection cabinets according to different structures. In the purchase of different styles of disinfection cabinets, the size will be different.

How large is the disinfection cabinet?

Embedded disinfection cabinet

Take our familiar two-door embedded disinfection cabinet, generally 420 to 450mm wide, 600mm long, and 650mm high. However, each type of disinfection cabinet has a subtle difference in size, and each disinfection cabinet has its corresponding opening size, and there is no special fixed data. The standard size of household disinfection cabinets is 80 to 100L. It is too big to waste.

Vertical disinfection cabinet

When we choose the vertical sterilizer, we don't need to pay attention to too many problems. If the space that our family actually needs is relatively large, we can choose a sterilizer with a larger size. This is mainly because the vertical sterilizer has only one place in our space to hold it.


Wall-mounted disinfection cabinet

If the wall-mounted sterilizer is used at home, the standard size of its sterilizer is generally 80 to 100L. The wall-mounted sterilizer has always been a nobleman in the sterilizer. The price is more than 1,000 yuan, which makes many families discouraged. However, with the advent of the second move, many families have lived in the new home. In the modern kitchen, there must be a combination. The "timely" disinfection cabinet will do, so this former aristocratic product entered the people's home.

The above is about the size of the disinfection cabinet. After you read it, you can buy it according to the space of your own kitchen. I hope this article can give you some help. More decoration materials should pay attention to the decoration home decoration network selection manual. Column!

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