The "Hidden Trouble" of Prepress Production Software Application

Freehand8.0 9.0

1. In Freehand 8.0, the effect of “transparency” is not exactly the effect of the screen display, but the effect of transparent color filtering at the end of the country. Be careful to use it.

2. When black text is input in Freehand 8.0, the black text is normally selected automatically after the “imprint” is converted into a black curve. However, when it is filled with color, the imprint option is still Selected, so the color word is also imprinted, on the basis of all the special effects are also imprinted. The average production staff will not notice this. When the output is requested, the imprint effect is displayed on the screen and it is carefully checked. Using back-end separations can avoid this problem.

3. Freehand has a tool for cutting pictures that cannot be used. The graphic image is reconnected (automatically updated) to restore the original shape.

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