New gravure coating system

Taiwan Taichung Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 and is a manufacturer with a certain reputation for the production of gravure printing machines, shelf type flexo printing machines, laminating machines, and coating machines. In recent years, the new LN-CA-1650 film coating machine has been introduced. The gravure type double film coating head is used to meet the requirements of high-quality coating films. Typical applications are the production of hot stamping foils and laser holographic iris film coatings.

When the laser holographic iris coating is used, it is divided into two types: hot and cold pressing. The hot stamping film is metallized and then rolled and bumped, while the cold stamping film is metallized after stamping the bumps.

The roll width of LN-CA-1650 coating machine is 1750mm, the maximum coating width is 1650mm, and the maximum speed is 180m/min. Suitable materials are PET (12-15 micron), OPP (20-40 micron), PVC (30-80 micron), paper (30-80 gsm), and unwinding and rewinding speeds of 800 m/min.

Equipped with a new drying system, the air outlet is installed across the tunnel in a special way so that the temperature on the entire surface of the web is very accurate. The hot gas emitted can be heated by natural gas, liquefied gas or hot oil.

This type of film coating machine has a large demand in these places in India and mainland China, where counterfeit and shoddy goods are more serious, so the demand for laser anti-counterfeiting irises and so on is greater.

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