Green Packaging Design and Ecological Protection (2)

Fourth, green packaging design strategy

The general principles followed by green packaging design are the so-called 3R principles, namely Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The author believes that domestic packaging companies and related organizations should expand the application of green packaging design from several aspects:

4.1 For food packaging, edible packaging

This is a good solution to the conflict between food packaging waste and environmental protection. In the design of some food packaging, it is possible to make an edible packaging film that does not affect the original flavor of the food being loaded. At present, various countries in the world have already developed a variety of products. For example, a company in Australia has developed an edible potato chip package, and people can also eat the package after eating the potato chips. Another example is that a British company has made an edible preservative for fruits and vegetables. It is a translucent emulsion formulated with sugar, starch, fatty acids and polyesters. It can be covered by spraying, brushing or dipping. Apple, citrus, watermelon, bananas, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables on the surface. Because this preservative forms a layer of sealing film on the surface of fruits, it can prevent oxygen from entering the interior of fruits and vegetables, thereby prolonging the curing process and playing a role in freshness preservation. The freshness of fruits and vegetables coated with this preservative can be up to 200 days or more. . The best part is that this preservative can also be eaten with fruits and vegetables. [5]

4.2 Reduce the type and quantity of packaging materials

The type of product packaging should be as small as possible. In order to attract the appearance of the product, general packaging designers can attract more and more consumers, improve the grade of the product, and use different types of materials as much as possible, and there are many parts that are packaged. The author believes that this method of promotion can achieve certain results, but is there a more appropriate method? The truly successful attractive packaging design contains unique connotations that many other packaging designs cannot match. For example, the packaging is user-friendly and simple, but it does not lose its uniqueness, functionality and environmental protection. Wait. If you can use one kind of part, you can use one kind of material as far as possible to use one kind, this will be more helpful to the recycling of the product. As packaging designers, they have the responsibility and obligation to make adequate estimates of the social and ecological effects that the designed packaging may bring.

4.3 Using Degradable, Renewable Packaging Materials

Until long time it can't be degraded, such as polyethylene film plastic. Although the plastic packaging on the market has decreased, it still occupies a considerable proportion. Consider using degradable materials at this time. Degradable materials can gradually decompose and reduce in the natural environment under photosynthesis or under the action of microorganisms in the soil and water, and finally return to nature in a non-toxic form to re-enter the ecological environment. For example, a French dairy company's substance extracted from sugar beets is mixed with minerals to produce an ecological packaging box.

4.3.2 Try to avoid the use of wooden packaging. The development of paper and other packaging materials for the development of recycled materials is a trend for environmentally friendly packaging. The earth and forest are the basis of human ecological balance. The disaster caused by the deforestation of wood is inestimable. For this situation, we can consider the use of reusable and recycled packaging materials, such as beer, glass bottles used can be reused, polyester bottles can be recycled after some methods of regeneration. Since paper raw materials are mainly natural plant fibers that will quickly rot in the natural world and will not cause environmental pollution but can also be recycled for papermaking, many international companies now use recycled paper for annual reports and publicity materials, made from recycled paper. Letterheads, letterheads reflect the green principles of their environmental concerns, and at the same time establish a good corporate image. In addition, packaging designers can use natural and natural materials to improve the packaging design. For example, a bowl-shaped container designed using coconut shell can be cleverly designed into food packaging. [6]

4.3.3 Use Harmless Packaging. The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive stipulates the level of heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc.) and lead content should be less than 100 PPM. In the form of legislation, China should also prohibit the use or reduction of the use of certain packaging materials containing lead, mercury, or aluminum and other harmful ingredients, and specify the content of heavy metals. Disposable foam lunch boxes on the market are not only not recyclable. And buried in the ground for a long time is not easy to rot, burning it and polluting the environment must therefore be prohibited.

4.3.4 To arouse consumers' environmental awareness through packaging design patterns and colors

The pattern and color of the product packaging seem to have little to do with environmental protection, but it directly affects the consumer's visual experience. If the package is deliberately attached with some environmental protection signs and environmental protection pictures, it will stimulate the consumer's brain. Remind consumers not to throw away packing waste. Some of the pictures on the packaging often use beautiful scenic landscapes, which not only give people visual enjoyment, but also enhance consumer awareness of environmental protection. Why not?


With the development of social economy and the deep application of the packaging industry, green packaging design has increasingly shown its positive effect on environmental protection, but the destruction of the ecological environment by packaging waste is still very serious, and the survival of all human beings is facing a severe test. Every packaging designer and consumer should shoulder the historical mission of environmental protection, and work together to make their due contribution to the ecological environment. We also believe that with the joint efforts of all, our planet will be even better.

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