Paper positioning device in paper feeding section of printing press

The invention provides an ink stirring method and a printer of a printing machine. According to the present invention, the ink source roller (8) is rotationally driven while the ink is not supplied to the roller (16) of the next process, and one or two or more inks are rotated when the ink source roller (8) is rotationally driven. At least one of the kettle keys (K#-[1] to K#-[n]) moves in the second direction (Y), and the position of the ink bottle key with respect to the ink supply roller (8) changes with time. In this manner, in addition to the ink stirring based on the rotation of the ink source roller, the ink agitating operation in the ink tank of the operator is not performed, and the apparatus for agitating the ink provided separately from the printing machine is not provided. Can improve the stirring effect.


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