Extension of corrugated and composite paperboard products (5)

Waste paper box making paper furniture, paper building materials, paper handicraft technology

The waste paper box solution enables the waste paper box to be processed in situ, which reduces the manpower and energy wasted in recycling, transportation, and disposal of the waste paper box. In particular, the paper furniture made from waste paper box is low in cost (O, 15 yuan / kg waste carton: the shape, color can be arbitrarily designed, in line with the personalized market and the update of the furniture industry to accelerate the trend, but also make traditional wood furniture wood has a low-cost alternatives, more realistic is for small and medium cardboard boxes Enterprises open up a new way out.

Process flow.

Cleaning a die-cutting - disinfection (dyeing) - glue spelling group (spraying water layer) - stereotypes.

The following several environmentally friendly packaging designs only have simple and creative designs on the structure and shape of the packaging, so that after the packaging task is completed, the packaging can be turned into practical articles and handicrafts by simply inserting and folding. Reduce and eliminate the generation of packaging waste, so that people no longer passively dispose of packaging waste, saving a lot of manpower and energy wasted in recycling, transportation, and disposal of packaging waste, saving the resources to manufacture other items, such as: Trees, plastics, metals, both promotional and environmentally friendly.

Boxes that can be inserted, folded, and glued together break the “regular discipline of not cutting on the box wall”. Some broken lines are cut out on the four walls of cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes containing light items. After the packaging has been used, it can be made into paper handicrafts and furniture by hand or by means of tools, by spelling, folding and sticking.

Handbag Universal Turnover Box Corrugated box box board docking station without regular solid binding or bonding, can be fixed by some non-solid accessories, or simply not fixed, and the box board does not print special merchandise graphics, box coat A bag of handbags, printed with special merchandise graphics, so that after the goods are taken out of the net, the packaging box can be easily removed from the handbag, so that it can be easily developed into a flat surface, which is easy to palletize and easy to use, especially with manufacturers of different specifications. Such as cans box, because there is no special product graphic on the box board, so it can be universal. For example, to make a new can of a can, about 2 yuan, and recover a turnover box of up to 0, 21 yuan, plus a solid PE handbag 0, 6 yuan, save 1 or 2 yuan per carton, and consumers buy the whole box A practical handbag is available, and the company has added numerous mobile advertising.

Photo Frame Packing Box (Box): The box (box) is designed as a photo frame with a stereo frame edge. After the package is completed, it can be used as a photo frame. In this way, the merchandise is displayed in the photo frame like an artwork, which not only improves the quality of the photo frame. Promotes sales while avoiding packaging waste.

Nest box: The box is designed to have a bird nest that has a waterproof top plate and a hole opening and a hole cover. The hole cover can be used as a box opening designed into a variety of animal shapes, cartoon shapes, corporate mascots, and improve the acquisition The super-sweetness, so that the merchandise is displayed on the shelf with a very unique and lovely image, which not only promotes sales, but also can be used as a gift box or as an art crystal display table. Or hang to the eaves, branches, give the bird a beautiful and free home, when the children will be wrapped around the parents to put one's own name on the bird's nest with a branch, offering a pure heart. The product is very suitable for Nestlé's slogan and planning activities: "Drink Nestlé Coffee and give the bird a fragrant home."

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