A origami machine consists of a box body, a feed roller shaft, a platen roller shaft, and a U-shaped guide plate. The upper part of the box is equipped with a paper feed roller shaft, one end of the roller shaft is provided with a rocker, and there is a paper feed tray under the paper feed roller shaft, two paper feed roller shafts are arranged under the paper feed roller shaft, and the small paper pressure roller shaft Immediately adjacent to the large platen roller shaft, there is a storage tray at the bottom of the box. The feed roller shaft and the large platen roller shaft are driven through the belt. U-shaped guide plates are installed behind the shaft of the feeding roller and the platen roller shaft. The utility model solves the problems that the current schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions often need to fold and cumbersome the documents and materials after copying and printing, and the structure is simple, the cost is low, and the operation is convenient.

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