Empty bottle inspection machine adopts hygienic design

Krones has taken a big step in the development of empty bottle inspection technology. The Linatronic 735 compact linear model not only satisfies the needs of the market with its modular structure and low cost, but also improves the old electronic systems and mechanical structures. It has new software that recognizes objects and further prevents errors from excluding containers. In addition, the new "Full Front" sidewall inspection technology will also be on stage for the first time. Using its function, the inspection machine can not only identify the surface scratch of the empty bottle, but also effectively check the stain behind the friction ring. This new detector is the first to use a hygienic design.

With IRIS technology, customers can also enjoy the remote service provided by Krones, which is remotely checked by a client computer. The working efficiency of the machine continues to be as high as 72,000 bottles per hour.

Source of information: pack.cn

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