Six issues that you should pay attention to when simulating a proofing

1. First of all, it is required that the pattern be carried out according to the standard when printing the pattern, taking into account the factors for expanding the network at the time of proofing. Pay attention to the dot expansion caused by the ink emulsification; also pay attention to the blanket is not tightened, the dot pressure caused by excessive pressure between the plate and the blanket cylinder.

2. Attention should be paid to overprinting and inaccurate problems caused by mechanical reasons and human factors.

3, pay attention to the "branch" problem, "branch" is generally caused by friction.

4, pay attention to the paste problem, resulting in paste version is mainly due to the rubber roller pressure is too large, there are too thin ink adjustment, too much oil or too much auxiliary materials, too much ink and so on.

5, pay attention to the problem of heaping ink, causing the cause of heaping ink is not suitable for pressure, rubber blanket is too strong, poor ink mixing, viscosity is not appropriate, too dry oil and paper off powder and Other reasons.

6, pay attention to the color sequence problem, proofing paper and printing paper as uniform as possible, proofing color sequence and printing color sequence to be unified.

Source: China Printing Professional Network

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